Encouragement Through Training

Kimhorng, who recently attended a Women’s Leadership Development training, shares her story:

“Since 2016, I’ve been blessed to know Fountain of Hope, a local Christian ministry. My husband met them first. In the beginning, I was only involved with collecting seeds for my husband. Then I connected with the team a few months later when a teacher came to share the Gospel with my husband and me. I had no idea who Jesus was, but my husband was significantly impacted and came to believe in Jesus. Since seeing so much change in my husband, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my God.

Mekong Woman

“Before knowing the Lord, my family often faced hardships. We had difficulty communicating and dealing with issues. But, because of Jesus, God granted us wisdom to work together.

“I am thankful to the Lord and to the ministry that made it possible for me to know Jesus. I can learn and be encouraged through my relationship with Him. Even more so, I have received holistic training, which supports my spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. I received training on God’s Word, health, agriculture, and other beneficial ideas like soap making, growing vegetables, and raising cows and chickens.

“Even though we’ve had some setbacks, I have been learning so much! Through firm belief and strength in the Lord, I am encouraged. My business is prospering, and I am happy that people support me and walk alongside me to help me succeed. Right now, I am blessed to raise chickens. During peak season, I can sell my chickens for about $2.50 a pound.

“I am thankful to the Lord, and I am learning to trust Him in various situations. Praise God for sending His faithful servants. Amen.”

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