Emptiness of Islam Led to Fullness in Christ

Emptiness of Islam Led to Fullness in Christ

Three Sundays ago, a young woman came to the church asking if we would like to receive her. “Of course!” I told her. She added that in April she began to read the Bible, and that years before, she had read the Quran and participated in the ritual prayers of Islam, but did not feel anything. She is an official translator of legal texts – a neat and well-educated person.

As she was just starting to read the Old Testament, she said: “This is the Word of God, and everyone who reads it surely has to realize it the way I have.” She began to speak to her mother and sister, but without results. “I was reading the New Testament, this time in Turkish and English, three times each! I found your website and began to listen to the lessons and materials. I read your introductory course “The Plan of Salvation” and I arrived at the church saying that I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.”

What could we say more than “Of course!”

These are the kinds of people who are, more and more frequently, getting to know the Lord. This is all thanks to the prayers and perseverance of our leaders, staff, and all those who support our ministry! This is also partially a result of the disgust for Islam that certain sectors of society are beginning to feel more and more.

Over a weekend early last month, we had our annual conference of churches, and there were about 150 participants. We were blessed to perform several baptisms, and we were especially blessed by the Lord and His presence over the event.

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