Empowering Women

woman proudly carries her goods to market

During the last half of 2015, 284 women received training in nutrition and 397 malnourished babies received help. This program has helped save more than a dozen children and their mothers.

Nutrition is combined with biblical stories in our target villages. Regarding nutrition, we are in need of vitamins for malnourished children, weighing scales, and other accessories like bowls, cups, and stoves. Nevertheless, and despite the difficulties, there are changes in some villages. Mothers are better educated and feed their children. They take better care of their home surroundings.

As of late, we referred a child of seven months, weighing only 4-1/2 pounds, to the hospital. The baby is now out of danger.

We would like to do more outreach, advocacy, and visiting of families. We find this activity relevant to help children and mothers, and at the same time build relationships and teach Christian values.


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