Empowered by the Word

Leaders from the AIC Pastoral Team took 150 Bibles and relief items to Christians in the Unified Forces Cantonment Training Center in Rejaf West, South Sudan. These soldiers did not have access to the scriptures, but still attended a local church, glorifying and worshipping the Lord.

The soldiers were overjoyed, especially with receiving Bibles. They thanked the AIC church and those who made it possible with funds to donate the Bibles.

close up of hand on open Bible

“The AIC workers came with a big blessing,” one soldier said. “They brought Bibles and relief items: maize flour, salt, sugar, and soaps. Since we were brought to Rejaf a year ago, no religious leaders have ever visited us. These Bibles have given us high morale in spirit. Now we are equipped with the Word of God and will share it with our fellow soldiers. We will use these Bibles to lead them to salvation in Jesus. Studying the Bible will help reduce negative attitudes among soldiers and bring hope and life to them in Jesus Christ.”

Another soldier stated, “It is the first time a religious leader has visited us at the Training Center. They shared with us the Word of God and brought us Bibles and relief. I am excited and filled in my spirit as I now possess this spiritual tool. Without the Word of God, the peace talks which are going on will stall and maybe nothing fruitful will come from them, unless we believe in Jesus Christ. Please pray for peace. We need peace in our country, and this requires collective prayer and collective work.”

“I am encouraged and feel equipped with spiritual powers because of the Bible,” a third soldier echoed. “I have been praying all this time without reading from the Bible. I urge more pastors and God’s servants to visit us where God put us in Rejaf. Churches should not leave us to the care of the government alone. I pray the church and government will visit us like these leaders.”

The 150 Bibles that were brought were not enough, many people did not get a copy or needed it in a different language. They also lack worship books for church services and theological teachings to sharpen their faith.

This area is vast with very few churches in existence. Pray for more leaders to visit these churches and empower them with the Word of God. Pray for churches to organize activities to reach out to communities with the Gospel message for new life in Jesus. Pray for the provision of Bibles and relief supplies to impact people with the love of God.

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