SPPM: A new life!

On this side of the world God continues to work, looking for the lost, and His sons are seeking to improve and fulfil the task entrusted to them, even in the midst of difficulties.

We started of the activities in the education project. Thank God, classes have started according to plan. This is a new project and there is a lot of expectation. We need wisdom, advice and training for us and the people who are working with the children.

The relationship with the volunteers of the centre is growing a lot. The harvest is great! Pray for new full-time workers to arrive and specialize in special education

We pray for each child and their families, so that the name of God may be exalted in each of them. We are convinced of this: every day there are opportunities to speak of the Lord, as in all places of the world, is not it? Therefore, we ask you to pray for each seed planted.
Just last week, one of the therapists who has been working in the centre for several years said that she recognized Jesus as the only way to reach God. She testified: “Now I am sure that one day I will be with Him forever”

How much joy for us to hear his statement! We embraced and cried together! No doubt there was great joy in the heavens.

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