Edo’s Baptism

The first time I met Edo was in 2020. When I saw him, my heart moved to chat with him. But I wasn’t sure how to start up a conversation. When I saw Edo, I always prayed silently. Then, one day I was with a disciple—Rizal. We were planning to visit his friend, Krisna. But when we arrived at his village, we could not meet with Krisna. So we met with Edo instead. I did not realize Edo and Rizal were friends. So finally, through my disciple, I got to know Edo.

street vendor selling food

Edo is young, about 20 years old. His family is broken—his parents divorced and each of them has their own family. For two years he has been living alone. Edo used to sell food in the city. He worked with Christians and got to know them somewhat. He even read the Bible a little. But, he did not know and understand what it said.

Recently, I shared the truth of the Gospel with Edo. The Lord had prepared his heart to receive it, and he believed in Jesus. We talked about baptism and I prayed for him. During our prayer the Holy Spirit worked in his heart and touched him, and he started crying. God moved on his heart and he wanted to give himself to be baptized.

On Wednesday, March 10 of this year, our team baptized Edo. He committed to follow Jesus. He had already made up his mind to change his religion to Christianity. We thank the Lord because Edo has a thirst and hunger for God. He really wants to know Jesus Christ. We give thanks for every intervention of God in our ministry.

Since our team started sharing in this new area and praying for the area, we have talked with multiple people, and some of them have accepted Jesus. Edo lives in this area, and so do other Christians we have been working with for a while. There are plans in place for a new house church with these believers. 

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the new house church that just started up in April.
  2. One house church has been intimidated through prohibition of their worship. Pray God opens a way for house church activity to begin again.
  3. Praise God, we are on track to form eight house congregations by the end of the year.
  4. Pray for our team’s faithful service so that more people will believe in Jesus Christ.

Names changed for security

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