Ears Healed and Hearts Softened

PRODEV CLinic Patiens 1 copie

Despite the effects the two decades of civil war has had on the southern region of Senegal, our clinic project is still functional and serving all people.

Aida* is a 35-year-old lady who lives in a suburb, she came into the clinic with her daughter whose ears were leaking.

Aida said: “After consultation and just one week of medication, my daughter was completely healed and hasn’t been sick since.”

At the question about the way she had been taken care of, she said: “People here take good care of the patients. When you are in their hands, they stand with you until you feel better. The medicine is also excellent.”

The clinic is intended to be a platform for sharing God’s love. As the ministry leader puts it: “… to overcome the physical and the spiritual poverty of the people.”

Aida was impacted and impressed by her experience at the clinic. She wants to recommend others to the clinic so they can be cared for as well. She said: “I will recommend people to come here, my sister-in-law told me about the clinic, and now I will tell others. That way they won’t waste their money at the hospital.”

This year, the ministry intends to develop this project to better spread the Gospel to people in this area.

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayers for all the patients who hear the Gospel through this facility.
  • Prayer for the development of a partnership with another ministry, so that together we will use from the yearly medicine shipments to bless the people even more. There is potential for a more significant impact when we partner together.

Thank you.

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