Dreams and Visions

You may have heard of the “dreams and visions” phenomenon occurring in Islamic countries over the last few decades, with people coming to faith after a miraculous experience or encounter with Christ. We believe we are living in a small revival of this kind in our community right now. In the last month, the following events have occurred, among many others:

A woman, Safira, came to prayer meetings for a while last year, but then stopped attending. She saw a vision telling her to pray in Jesus’ name for her son’s psychosomatic seizures. She did, and they have dramatically decreased and lightened up.

Safira was also diagnosed with a severely blocked heart artery this month and scheduled an emergency bypass for the next day. She again prayed in Jesus’ name, and in the morning when she went for the surgery, her artery was inexplicably entirely opened up. We’ve seen the two x-rays side-by-side as well as the other hospital records. It truly is a miracle.

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Another friend has been pursuing faith in Jesus Christ for almost two years, but was frightened to tell her family. This winter, she finally told her spouse. She also told him that she prays in Jesus’ name (which is heretical and can be very threatening here). She told him that her new faith is the reason their marriage was healed, and the reason she is now expecting. In the last month, she has “come out” to her in-laws and all of her best friends. Not only that, she is now witnessing and sharing Bible readings and devotionals with her older sister. The radio program I wrote and presented is a big tool she uses to share with her family.

Another woman, Oralee, started coming to see me for counseling last month. She learned about me through the radio program. My clients all start therapy with the knowledge that I practice as a Christian therapist. She has advanced rapidly, seeing incredible growth in her relationships, and has started to read the Bible, listen to sermons, and pray in Jesus’ name. She’s also “come out” about all of this to her family and fiancé, who are amazed and supportive.

Oralee’s fiancée joined us once and, while praying, had a powerful spiritual experience. He is now asking for prayer in Jesus’ name for other life issues. We prayed as a group for a job for him because he’s been unemployed for nearly a year. Within two days, he unexpectedly received two job offers, one with a surprisingly good salary.

Please pray for these new believers and the many more that are coming to Jesus. There have been many stories like these in the last six weeks. Please keep praying for us as we navigate this season. It seems to be a season of both losses that catch us off guard and incredible growth that causes us to rejoice.

Names changed for security

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