Dream Leads Muslim to Accept Christ

Dream Leads Muslim to Accept Christ

Praise God for revealing Himself to Afti*, a Muslim seeker who came to Jesus as we walked with him on his journey of faith. Afti* was struggling to understand the fact that Jesus is God. This all changed when he had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him. Jesus told him to repeat after him, “I am Yahweh, I am God, I am Christ.” With a heavy tongue Afti* repeated after him. After he woke up from the dream, he became a new person who believed in the living God, Jesus Christ. Not hesitant at all to share his faith and grow, Afti* is now studying the Gospels, having fellowship with the team, and spending time in prayer.

Prayer requests:

  • Praise God for how he has revealed himself to Afti*. May he continue to draw Afti* to Him and may he continue to give his heart to the Lord.
  • Pray for favor and wisdom in reaching the youth in the upcoming Christmas outreach program.
  • Join us in prayer for a small group of women seekers who started meeting up regularly in Jerusalem to read the Bible and seek Him.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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