Doorway Opens to Previously Closed-Off Ethnic Group

Doorway Opens to Previously Closed-Off Ethnic Group

What do you see when you look at this picture? Emptiness? Drought? Desert?

In many ways this is a reflection of the spiritual situation in one of the most remote and uneasy to reach areas of our country. This area is not very popular for tourists or missionaries, but that has never stopped our Lord from bringing the Gospel to all of these places.

One brilliant person named Rachel* has been visiting one local village for many years, slowly gaining the respect and trust of the locals, who live in a closed, Islam-oriented environment. She brings presents and organizes different events for the children there, including camps. People know that she loves Christ, and they love her because she truly serves them. There are some believers there, but they often mix Christianity and Islam.

Together with Rachel* we were able to gain access to the Khurds, a very closed ethnic group living near her. She made the way for us to come and witness about Jesus to these people. When we came, we were invited to spend time separately with the men first, and then the women, for they do not let men and women stay in the same room.

Praise the Lord that because these people were very open and willing to hear about Jesus, we were able to spend some wonderful time having delicious meals together and sharing our faith. At the end of our stay, we had the chance to pray over all of them. As we were leaving, our new friends asked us to come back again, and we promised to do so. It was amazing to see how much the kids loved Rachel*, and all of them were so thankful for her attention and care.

She told us that in this ethnic group, there had previously been a huge issue with early marriages and bride kidnapping. Now the situation is getting better. Girls now choose who they want to marry, or even if they want to at all. Even so, they still often get married as early as age fourteen. This is one of the obstacles that our ministry faces, because as a woman, Rachel* can only work closely with other women. Many of the girls that she spends years mentoring end up getting married and turning away from God, because their husbands control them completely.

Please pray for more strong believers to rise up, filled with His Spirit and Love, so that they may continue to lead their nation to Jesus.

For the whole day we were travelling from home to home, being honored to get to know all of these amazing people, talking about Jesus and sharing our faith with people.

Please, continue to pray for this new area of our ministry. We really feel this calling from God, He wants to reach these people. We are so thankful for your support! Stay with us!

*Names changed for security reasons

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