Doors Opened for Our Ministry to the Disabled




Our disabilities outreach continues to grow thanks to the support from Partners. The number of children who receive ongoing therapy through the rehabilitation center has increased from 80 to 116. We have also given twenty-two special positioning chairs to children who have motor difficulties. Fifteen children have received partial scholarships so that they can continue therapy.

2008.12 026In one country, we were invited to a meeting with national leaders of mental health. The director recognized our ministry as one of the most faithful organizations in this area. They have allowed us to offer our input regarding national decisions that will affect the future of disabled people.

Because of the work happening in one particular city, a hospital asked us to collaborate with them. We have connected with a group of mothers of disabled children who meet twice a month to discuss and share the concerns and issues of having a disabled child.

We have found sports ministry successful for reaching the disabled. In the latter half of 2014, we began a project of teaching tennis to persons with disabilities in one country. Playing sports helps families of special needs children, and the children themselves, feel valued.

From working with disabled people, we have seen many families realize that having a child with a disability is not a curse. Also, we have observed changes in the children who have received a prosthetic limb or a wheelchair as they now have an improved quality of life. Little by little, we are seeing changes in society regarding its view toward people with disabilities as more and more people are valuing them as they deserve to be.

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