Divine Appointment Leads to New House Church

We have trained each of our national workers who work in our ministry in various capacities. Last year we had a monthly training for church planting, and we began to teach our workers how to start a new church.

Brother Jacob recently went through this training, and as a result he created a new church planting strategy. He started to pray to God for direction as to where he should focus is time and efforts. After spending a lot of time in prayer, he shared with our team that God had placed an unreached village on his heart. The other leaders expressed concerns that they had no contacts in this area, and instead they encouraged him to think about bigger cities where we knew people and had connections. However, Jacob was sure that God was guiding him to this specific village, so he and I traveled to this place to check it out.

After spending time in prayer during our travels, and spending time with the people in this village, I began to share Jacob’s convictions. While we were still travelling, our ministry received a call from a new believer near where we were staying – the first believer in this city. Immediately they put him in contact with Jacob so that they could schedule a meeting.

We met with this new believer, prayed over him, and gave him a Bible. After one month of discipleship, the new believer shared his faith with his wife and two others, with whom he immediately started discipleship training. After three months of this, the first believer opened his home for a house church service. Each new believer evangelized to others they knew in the city, and the church’s growth was exponential. All who attend remain very committed to the church.

Please support us in prayer for these new believers, that the Lord may strengthen them, bless them, and continue to give them opportunities to share their faith.


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