Distributing the Word

During the last few months, our ministry distributed 51 Bibles to people who recently completed one of our training programs in Cambodia. We praise the Lord that these brothers and sisters are being impacted by the Word of the Lord and are starting the journey of discovering what the Lord has in store for them.


Savann, a mother of three, shares her story:


“Before I came to know the Lord Jesus, I was a very sensitive person. I could get mad quite easily. I often used negative words and was reckless toward my neighbors. I did not care about them. The only thing that mattered was my family.

Woman reading a Bible on a hammock

“When I came to believe in the Lord Jesus in September 2019 through Fountain of Hope, I began to see the goodness of the Lord. I saw God’s salvation upon my family. Right after we started to follow God, He started changing our lives. Our hearts were filled with peace. I became more considerate. I am now less mad. I do things with understanding and care for others. I know that since the Lord is loving me, so I should love my neighbors as well.


“Since coming to know the Lord, my heart is softer, and I am learning to submit to the Lord and share the Gospel with others. I want my community to hear how good God is. I want to see my village transformed through Jesus. I am so thankful to Fountain of Hope for coming here to share the Good News with my family and me. We are learning and growing in the love of God.


“Also through this ministry, I am learning new things about agriculture, things I am able to share with a group I am in. It is wonderful because the things we learned have helped us improve our farming and better provide for our daily needs. I pray that we will continue to do well and be good examples to the community.


“There are many needs here, and a lot of people who need Jesus. I pray that my group can become God’s agents of love to help lift our community from poverty. I pray that God will give us strength to be good servants for His gospel. Thank you. May the Lord bless you all. Amen.”


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