Discovery Bible Studies Bringing Muslims to Know the Lord

Sunda Arts Center – Praise

Aulia* contacted us because of unanswered prayers. She has persevered in prayer for a long time, but God has remained silent. She told us she was interested in our program entitled “Authentic Joy,” and she wanted to know more. We are thankful she reached out and are trying to follow up with her.

Lampstand Ministry Center – Prayer

Pray for the next edition of our Lalang Mitra magazine; we ordered an extra 500 copies since last year we didn’t produce enough to meet the demand. Please pray that the magazine would bless many people and that our subscriptions would continue to increase. Pray also for the monthly Bible studies occurring in five locations.

Lampstand Lay Training – An Alumni Training

Last year, a local pastor from the Indonesian Churches of Christ trained leaders within his church based on our Lampstand Lay training. From there, they implemented Discovery Bible studies. The last question in the Discovery Bible study is, “Who are you going to tell what you’ve learned?” The people in the Bible studies followed this step and shared what God was teaching them with their Muslim family members and neighbors. Through their witness, ten of these Muslims came to faith in the past six months! They’re now being discipled in the seven Discovery Bible studies in this church.

A Presbyterian pastor brought four Muslims to faith & disciples them after attending the Alumni training.

A Church of Christ pastor brought ten Muslims to faith & disciples them.

An Indonesian Presbyterian pastor started a Discovery Bible studies in his church. Within the last six months of those Bible studies, four young Muslims came to faith!

Five trainees showed three Muslims the love of Christ & now disciple them.

IOIC Bible study May June 2019

We recommended to the alumni and trainees that they make an intentional effort to reach the families of these new believers. Rather than asking the new believers to come to a Bible study at church with people, they don’t know; we suggest starting a new Bible study with each of the new believers in their home. This creates a safe place for them to bring their family members and friends. We also advise trainees not to wait for their friend(s) to come to faith but to start a Discovery Bible Study right away and invite them. This is a way to bring him to them to faith and disciple them at the same time.

A local pastor is married to a Muslim Background Believer from a neighboring unreached people group. The wife was encouraged by our Lay Training program; it empowered her to reached back to her family. After six months, her parents came to faith, as well as a younger brother and his family. The extended family now worships the Lord together. Pray that they can reach even more of the siblings.

* Name changed for security.

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  1. Jentle Ali Eni

    I want to attend your lay training course. Am a missionary reaching out to the Muslims

  2. Jentle Ali Eni

    I want to attend the next set of training for 2021 on Discovery Bible Syudies

  3. Jaendar

    I want to attend the next set of training for 2021 on Discovery Bible Studies


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