Discipleship Update

Our team is focusing on discipleship and training. Eight house church leaders participated in weekly training in January. The first group studied the creation story in Genesis and concluded that God created all things. The second group studied the story of Cornelius with the aim of preparing believers to reach their family, friends and acquaintances, and to help them form groups and train their members to reach out and begin other groups.

When Mr. J heard the story of creation, he said, “It’s good that we were created by God to rule over nature and animals.” “Yes,” we said, “we should be grateful and responsible in this role as required.” Mr. J reported that there were two new believers in their group, friends of one of the group who has begun reaching out.

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Mr. M continues to share the Good News with others, but no one has believed yet. He has experienced economic difficulty during the pandemic because there have been fewer passengers for his pedicab business. In the past he relied on school children, but now they study from home.

Mr. H reported one new believer who has asked for teaching on baptism, but as his village is far away, Mr. H finds it difficult to meet with him.

Brother A has not been able to meet with members of his home group because they live far apart and have irregular work schedules. Some, such as those who look after shrimp ponds, cannot leave their work. We suggested that brother A visit and disciple them individually.

Mr. C led brother I, age 21, to faith in January. He had been involved in stealing and fighting but after hearing that all his sins were forgiven by God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he was very grateful because he had thought that forgiveness for him was not possible and that he would not go to heaven. “God provides forgiveness of sin in His own way, not in a human way,” brother I said. “This is the greatest gift I have ever received.”

Although Mr. Y and Mr. T have not found anyone open to hearing the Good News during the last month, they were encouraged to continue discipling their members and keep looking for opportunities to share the Good News with others. Group leaders continue to try to disciple their members even though sometimes they cannot meet together as a group. First generation leaders who already have generations below them continue to train those leaders to pass on the lessons they themselves have learned.

  1. Pray that discipleship and training with group leaders will continue.
  2. Apart from discipling first-generation leaders, monthly training is held for all group leaders. Our team has 23 group leaders from the first to the sixth generation, but because of the pandemic, this training has not always been possible. Pray that training programs to equip leaders can be held regularly.
  3. Pray for these 23 leaders to continue to disciple and train their members despite many challenges. Pray that all of them will grow in faith.
  4. Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and creativity in discipling and training leaders.

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