Discipleship Training Bears Fruit

I am Adebowale*, a pastor living and serving the Lord Jesus in Northern Niger. I attended the Discipleship Making Movement training last July, sponsored by Partners International, and it radically changed the way I work and disciple. Before the event, my wife and I were doing a lot of evangelism, but we were not experiencing any significant breakthrough. Since the Discipleship training, we have seen impact and breakthrough in Northern Niger like never before. We have had many conversions to Christ and are continuing to see more.

We have recorded 264 conversions so far. Many of these conversions have been experienced through a man of peace who became a channel for many people after he chose to believe the Gospel. We try to find the man of peace in a village since that person is the most respected and influential. Because of him many people now trust and believe Lord Jesus.

We currently have six different groups of people that we are regularly meeting with and nurturing. In these groups, we obey and study the Word of God. The results we are seeing from these groups are overwhelming. Especially when you consider that this region has always been perceived as a very hard place to live out the Gospel. The presence of Islam makes it difficult for Christians, but despite that, people are still coming to Christ.


In November, the town of Agadez had 12 people who chose to receive water baptism. Now we are facing a greater need to be able to follow-up and train these people. We are hoping to get a training center where the new believers would be able to keep learning and become disciples. Majority of the people in Agadez are nomads – people who travel from place to place to find fresh pasture for their livestock. If we had a training center, we would then be able to get them all together from time to time and be able to help follow up with them.

I am very pleased to have these results. We have never experienced anything like this within such a short amount of time. We are thankful for the Discipleship Making Movement training which brought us a new approach to use when disciplining and following up with people. The training came at an appropriate time, God’s timing is best. It has helped us make an impact in our country, by a step-by-step transformation through the Gospel.

*Name has been changed for security purposes


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