Discipleship Training

Partners International organized a second session of the integrated discipleship and micro-credit training in December via Zoom (the first was held in 2018). This training was a good opportunity for feedback, reviews, follow up, and reinforcement. Local discipleship group leaders and the field director for Christian Outreach Fellowship (COF) took part in the training.

This training focused on evaluating the Big Story. After the training the leaders were encouraged to add evangelism to their meetings using the Big Story in each of their discipleship groups.

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After that training, the COF field director embarked on a follow-up visit to the local discipleship group. He challenged the group to add evangelism and Discovery Bible Study to their meetings. He then trained them on how to evangelize using the Big Story. A total of 23 people participated in the training.

Elizabeth, a high school graduate, is a member of this local discipleship group and attended the micro-credit initiative. She testified that she used to be unemployed. After she received a loan, she started a small business. By the grace of God, she has paid back the loan in full and has made a nice profit from her new business. She is a faithful Christian and now the breadwinner of her family.

In another area, the COF field director and team met with the local discipleship groups. They also taught these groups how to evangelize and encouraged them to use the Discovery Bible studies. The groups are making plans to begin house fellowships and Discovery Bible Study groups in the coming month.

As always, we cherish your prayers for the groups and their leaders. Pray for them to have strength and endurance.

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