Discipleship Group Leads to Transformed Life

A couple of AWEMA church planters planted a church over the course of two years in an area in northern Egypt, and subsequently handed it over to the Church of God. We asked one of the youth we served, and who is now an active member of the Church of God in that area, to share with us what the Lord has done in his life through our ministry.

Below is the transcription of his interview:

Discipleship Group Leads to Transformed LifeHow long have you known AWEMA?

Amir: For about two years.

What kind of ministry has AWEMA done with you?

Amir: It first started with home visits. Then a discipleship group, one day spiritual camps, conferences, spiritual training courses and ministry training.

Tell us about the discipleship group you have joined.

Amir: I joined the discipleship group last August. We had doctrinal teachings (e.g. the Trinity) and topics related to other religions. It has a great influence on me. It taught me many truths about Christianity and about other religions. It strengthened my faith. Like other young people, I used to have many questions, but I didn’t find answers to them. The discipleship group gave me these answers. Very convincing answers. This cleared my confusion regarding my beliefs.

Have AWEMA workers provided any kind of mentoring for you?

Amir: Pastor Isaac [AWEMA church planter] has started a journey with me that is still ongoing. I ask him any questions I have, and he is providing constant mentoring to me, either by phone or in person. He is my spiritual father. He guides me. Many times when I can’t decide what choice to make, he points me in the right direction.

What kind of change has happened in your life over the past two years?

Amir: Before [the AWEMA workers] started ministering to me, my life was in ruin. I had no relationship with God, and I had problems everywhere – at home, at school, everywhere. After they started ministering to me, I began to have a relationship with God. My life began to improve. I started to serve the Lord. I had never been involved in any ministry before that. The problems I had with my family were gradually resolved. My life has generally improved. It has been a radical change.

Where do you stand today?

Amir: I now seek God’s will in all my relationships, and in every step I take. I ask Him to direct me in the right way – that I may not backslide. I now choose my friends based on their spiritual life – where they stand with Christ – so I may not mingle with bad company anymore who may have a bad influence on me or hinder my spiritual growth.

My relationship with my family is now very good, and we now understand each other better. We can talk without getting angry at each other.

What is your passion now, and why?

Amir: My ministry in Sunday School at the Church of God. This ministry has helped me maintain high morals, and make the right decisions. I want to convey the Message to the children, so that they may not be confused, but rather, have the correct teaching about Christianity, and that nobody may shake their faith.

I want all people to know about Christ. Whenever I meet someone who wants to know about Christ, I give them the right answers. Most questions come from people from other religions. Many of my friends at school ask me questions to which they are looking for answers. They only have some general information, but they don’t know the depths of Christianity. They ask a lot, and they are often difficult questions. I answer most of them, and when I don’t know the answer, I ask Pastor Isaac and he tells me what to say.

What struggles do you have, and what obstacles stand in the way of your relationship with God?

Amir: Young people’s temptations, such as smoking, sexual temptations, and other bad things are the biggest obstacles before me. The adversary would usually tempt me with these things, but I overcome these temptations in most cases.

How can we pray for you?

Amir: Pray that I may do well in my finals, and that I may be stronger in ministry, to serve the Lord in the best way, and to maintain a balance between ministry and other things in my life.


Please remember Amir in your prayers, especially with the specific requests he shared. Please also pray for AWEMA church planters in northern Egypt. They face challenges and opposition, yet they remain faithful and zealously serve the Lord.

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