Disaster Leads to New Life

Some time ago, a tsunami struck a coastal city on Java Island. After the disaster and things somewhat settled down, God brought Kasep* (a Sundanese Christian Fellowship church planter) into contact with Abas*, a civil servant who taught in an elementary school.

At that time, this area where Kasep served had no believers. The area had never been touched by other team members who also served in the region. But when the tsunami happened, that’s when the team began to enter and pray for the area. Praise God, Amid was the first person Kasep led to the Lord.

IOSC Nov Dec 2019

Kasep has been discipling Abas since his conversion. Amid has a strong desire to learn how to share the gospel with his family and friends and has already started doing this. Many hear, but many also refuse.

Some families are willing to open up to the gospel message. Currently, we are ministering to several who want to know more about Jesus Christ. We are thankful for those who have believed in Him thus far. When we see repentant souls who are faithful in fellowship with God, our hearts are very joyful. This motivates us to serve Him even more.

Our church planting team is grateful to the Lord Jesus because we can see and feel His presence. We continue to trust that He helps us overcome the difficulties we face. He is the One who opens people’s hearts and gives the growth of faith. We trust the Lord to continue to lead us to people whose hearts He has prepared to receive the news of forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ.

Thank you who support our ministry through prayer and finances. You are helping us reach the tribes in the area that God has entrusted to us.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for Abas in each of his outreaches, and that he can continue to grow in His walk with the Lord. Pray too for his family who recently heard the news of salvation.
  • Pray for youth groups that are being formed. May they continue to be faithful to God and their faith will continue to grow to be witnesses of God’s glory in society.
  • Pray for house church groups in every activity they do; may God continue to reach out so that members can increase from day to day.
  • Pray for our church planting team in our ministry, so that every program that has been planned can run according to the set targets and that more and more people are willing to give themselves to repent.
*Names changed for security.

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