Developing Ministry Among the Needy

Church planting: In some locations, we provide material assistance to families affected by the COVID-19 crisis, including those who reject our spiritual ministry. They said they now know that we truly love them and we’re not “ravenous wolves” as they used to think of us. May God open their hearts to His saving grace.

AWEMA’s Women Academy (AWA): Students completed the rest of their first semester’s sessions online. The sessions included Old Testament Overview and Basics of Counseling, to which the students’ feedback was very positive. As we think about the second semester next month, we are praying about the best way to proceed.

Community Development: We held an awareness-raising program for parents on how to raise healthy children. Parents regretted what they have been doing to their children out of ignorance. They started applying what they learned and have been encouraged by the results they saw in their children’s behavior. 

Join us as we pray for…

COVID-19 cases: A few staff members at AWEMA’s training centre have family members who contracted the virus. Please pray for their healing, that their symptoms don’t get severe (especially since it’s become very difficult to find places in hospitals), and for protection for their families.  Continue to pray for us for wisdom in planning and carrying out our ministries, that God may lead us to do His will for His glory. Also pray for wisdom, compassion and grace for field workers as they address people’s questions, fears, physical needs and other problems (e.g. domestic violence) that have intensified in this season. 

Thank you for being our partner! 

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