Deva and Rajeshwari are passionate to reach their community for the Lord

JVI’s Master Trainer program has helped many lay leaders gain self-confidence and help them serve their communities with humility and love. Many of the Master Trainers (MT) have become change-makers in their respective places.

India Couple

Deva* is from a South Indian state. He took the nine-month Master Trainer program, where he learned about ministering to unreached people groups, tentmaking concepts, and community development. After being commissioned, Deva was excited to start his ministry.


Deva shared the good news of Jesus Christ among an unreached people group, but he saw little response. It was not an easy journey. Sometimes Deva was disappointed and also discouraged as nothing much was happening, but in time, he began to see a breakthrough. Now he is ministering to 25 families from several communities.


As the ministry was growing, Deva felt the need for a wife to help in the ministry. He married Rajeshwari*, a first-generation Christian. She is full of zeal and committed to God’s work, bringing him much help in the ministry.


INVI Fall 2019 updateRajeshwari was interested in taking the women’s training program at Joshua Vision India so she could learn how to serve the people more effectively and help in their social and economic needs. Finally, with much prayer, God made way for her to join and complete the 9-month Master Training program called Indian Women in Lord’s Labor (IWILL).


Deva and his wife faced opposition from their immediate family members and other families of new believers. He says, “Through the help of God, we were able to withstand all the people’s abuses. My wife is a great support during such times.” Deva hopes to send a few married couples to undergo training at JVI, who will, in time, help build the Church in the least reached regions.


Prayer requests:

Pray for the continued efforts of Deva and Rajeshwari in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the people around them.

Pray for the small number of new believers, that they may stand firm with the Truth that they received.

Pray for the holistic development of the people.


You can support ministry workers like Deva and Rajeshwari as they continue the good work despite opposition and persecution!



*Names changed for security.


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