Determined to Work

Andi is the leader of the first generation of believers in a remote part of Indonesia. He used to work as a home builder, but he is 63 and has back pain, so he has to look for other work. He tried a job as a night shopkeeper, but the salary wasn’t sufficient.

Right now, Andi’s family depends on their son’s income. Andi’s son also works as a home builder, but his income is meager. Andi still has to support his wife and a grandchild who lives with them.

old man in front of house looking for work

To add to his problems, a thief broke into his family’s house while they were away and stole their gas stove and a quarter sack of rice. So now they also have to set aside money to replace their stove and rice.

But, despite the setbacks, Andi continues to share the Good News with others. In February, he shared the Good News with 15 local people. One of them was his friend, Yuda.

The Gospel Persists

Yuda is a 55-year-old home builder who once worked with Andi to build a house. They met at the local market, and when Andi shared the Good News with Yuda, he accepted Jesus and was baptized! They agreed to meet once a week for discipleship.

Being in financial trouble does not discourage Andi from sharing the Good News with others. The group of believers Andi leads hasn’t been able to meet as often because Andi is busy looking for work, but he is determined to find a job he can do in his old age.

At our ministry, we run a small business making chips at home and selling them to the shops in the village. We like to train local people, especially believers, and we offered Andi a job selling chips. We can help him have a successful business by providing a capital loan that can be paid back in installments. If Andi decides to sell chips, we will do our best to help his business succeed. 

Please pray for Andi to find a suitable job to cover the needs of his family. Pray for the groups of believers that meet regularly, that their faith will grow. And pray for Yuda as he is being discipled.

You can help support workers like Andi who are working to share the Gospel with the unreached. We are raising $33,600 to help support 80 workers in the field and every dollar up to $10,000 will be matched!

Names changed for security

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