Desert People Hunger for God’s Word

Before Roshan Life’s Youth Group went on one of their mission trips, they collected 170 care packets from the congregation and from the community to distribute among the poorest of the poor. Thirty packets were distributed in one village among families working in the brick factory. In another village, 80 packets were distributed among outcaste tribes, and 60 packets went to the needy in several desert villages.

One day the youth arrived at a desert village riding in jeeps and on camels. The village had about 100 families that lived in very simple huts. The one and only well was far away and the water was bitter. Villagers had to fetch water from that well by camelback.

We spent the night in that village to observe the pain and hardship these villagers are facing. They have been ignored because of their sect, their poverty, and their ignorance. We had such a precious time visiting with the people.

Before we left, the youth held two special meetings – one for young children and another for adults. They used drama to act out Bible stories. The story for adults was about the Good Samaritan. At the end of their stories, they told the tribal people how much Jesus loves them. Then they handed out gifts.

The people soaked up all the love the youth had to offer, but the best and most unforgettable memory we came home with was these desert people’s hunger for the Word of God.


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