Deng stopped fighting


Deng* was a left behind kid. Like all of the left behind children, he suffered from the absence of parents. He couldn’t catch up at school. He developed a bad temper.


Three years ago, Deng moved to our city to live with his migrant parents in our neighborhood. At his new school, he always fought with his fellow students. He received multiple warnings from the school that he could be expelled if he continued misbehaving.


He fought with children at our church when he first started to attend Sunday school as well. However, after being taught with truth and love for the last three years, he has stopped fighting. Recently, Deng was beaten by other children. He didn’t fight back. After being asked why, he said, “I am a believer now. I do not fight.” Now his grades have jumped from C to A!


We need your prayers to lift up these left behind children. Please pray that:


  • Children who were left behind in rural East Asia will be reunited with their parents soon.
  • Their craving for love will not lead them astray, but lead them to the perfect love that is the Good News.
  • That the children who have/will move to the city will gradually adjust to their new life and that their hearts will open to the truth.


Also, please be in prayer for the workers who are engaged with migrant workers and their children. Pray that they will be persistent and effective in reaching out to them. Thank you!


Name* has been changed for security reasons. 

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