Deborah Conference sets women on fire for the Lord

Every spring Alatoo brings dozens of women from seven regions together for “Deborah Conference.” The women travel from remote villages or towns where there are few believers. Some of the women are new believers; others are in leadership positions in their small church; all are in need of good Christian teaching, fellowship and prayer.

Alatoo keeps in touch with leaders in each region, who in turn keep in touch with other participants in their region. Every Sunday morning at 7:00, Alatoo and the women in every region pray for one another and for other needs. Specifically, they pray for:

  • the women in their country,
  • freedom of faith
  • growing their faith
  • each other’s health, life and family.

Last month, we contacted the leaders of each region who were excited to share how the Deborah Conference had changed their lives. Here are a few of their stories:

Woman #1 (age 62):

Before attending the conference, I found it difficult to share His Word openly. I was afraid to tell anybody about my faith. During the conference I better understood how the Father loves me, saved me and chose me when I was in my mother’s womb.

I have moved many times due to my circumstance, but I never liked changing all the time. Now I understand that it was my calling to meet new neighbors, help them, show them His love and share His Word with them using their language. I thank God for now I am happy to live anywhere and minister to others using my gained knowledge.

Woman #2 (age 32):

During the conference, my whole point of view was changed by God and His words. I knew that God had prepared me for special ministry. This summer I went to another town to earn money and while there, I saw many people who needed God’s love and provision. I shared His love and Word with them. People who worked with me were happy I did.

A neat outcome is that I met a man and we fell in love and are praying about getting married.

Women #3 (Two ladies age 70):

Participation in the conference influenced both of us to share His words and give trainings. We shared in churches the knowledge we gained at the conference. Now we have a good relationship with sisters from our region who were also in Debora conference. We have started to invite people into our homes.

Please Pray:

  1. For Alatoo team’s family, health and work.
  2. That partnership will be developed with other local and abroad organizations in future.
  3. That the leaders in two villages will be active and eager to attend the community development programs.
  4. For the church community development trainings.
  5. For the new trainer of Alatoo.
  6. For school trainings. Every Monday morning we have community development trainings in the villages for school children. Children are as a sponge to gain the information. Please pray for their feelings, behavior and changed life.
  7. Thank God for our opportunity to work in the rural regions which need His love and light.



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