Day Camps Impact Children and Volunteers

Day Camps Impact Children and Volunteers

Over the last month we have hosted eight different day camps at several churches in the area. In 2018 our day camp project has already grown exponentially over last year, and we can clearly see God working through it as more and more churches are being led by former participants in day camps. These are some testimonies that have come out of this project:

“My name is V*, and I was the coordinator at one of the day camps. I want to say thank you to the Camp Adonai ministry, as it has helped make the Bible easier to understand for the children that attend. As a result, they enjoy learning about it more! It has been very encouraging to see a new generation of leaders start to emerge from the groups of children that attend these programs. The older teenagers that have started serving are often just as impacted as the children are, and I have been a witness to that several times just this year. One great example of this is a teenage girl that started attending my church who, after only two weeks, said she wanted to serve at a day camp.  At the camp during one of the sessions, as I was sharing the Gospel with the children, I saw this girl begin to cry. Afterwards, she told me that she had encountered God during this message. After that, I realized that we are doing these camps not only for the children, but for everyone.”

“My name is S*, and my son recently participated in one of the day camps. We had never been to the church before, and when I dropped him off there for camp he was crying and saying that he didn’t want to stay. I left him at the camp for the day, but I still worried about him. I began thinking I had made a mistake, but that evening when I came to pick him up, he said that he wanted to stay at the church even longer. He said that what they were learning was very interesting, and he began crying when I made him leave. It was very strange to see how much the helpers there loved my son, as camp ended with all of the volunteers praying for the kids hugging them goodbye. It touched my heart that these volunteers, who didn’t even didn’t know my son a week ago, loved him this much. Now my son wants me to buy him a Bible, and he wants to go church every Sunday.”

We at Camp Adonai are thrilled to be a witness to these, and so many other testimonies like them. The eight camps we have already hosted have held a total of over four hundred students, and they all got the chance to hear about a Superhero that wants to be their best friend.

Please pray:

  • For our ministry, as we still have eight more camps to plan.
  • For the hearts of our volunteers, as it is through their lives that children and their parents are able to see God’s love.
  • For the parents’ hearts, that they would understand the importnace of what their children are learning.
  • For the children’s hearts, that they can meet Jesus, even at their young age
  • Pray also for the Festival we are planning, as there is a lot of preperation still to be done. The main problem now is that we cannot find a venue that accommodates a large number of children at an affordable cost.

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