Day Camps and Clubs Reach Out to Youth

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Day camps are designed to strengthen the capacity of children’s ministries in churches. In the past six months, we developed a curriculum, provided preparation training for church leaders and held a seven-day camp involving 14 churches. We also had two inter-church day camps for children in two northern cities in partnership with a team from South Korea. We have gotten good feedback indicating a growing trust the project is receiving among other churches.

At least 350 children between 6 to 12 years old participated in the camp and heard the Good News. It helped church ministers to improve their relationship with children and their parents, and serve people in their churches and neighborhoods.

Our new theme for 2015 camps will be focused on family. We plan to include a special component for parents, so that they could also be involved in the program at the end of the day when they come to pick up their kids.


Youth Clubs

Our youth club program is a new project that is still in development. A camp follow-up seminar for 32 teenagers was organized in partnership with Choose Life church. It was a two-day seminar aimed at strengthening and encouraging youth to keep their faith.


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