Daughter’s Healing Leads Father Back to God

Daughter's Healing Leads Father Back to God

Thyagarajan, his wife, and their three children are members of one of the local churches of Bible Faith Mission. Although he used to go the church and participate in all of the church’s activities, he gradually began to turn away from the Lord. Instead, he began to follow the other customs and superstitious practices that were prevalent in the area. During this time his daughter fell sick and was in very serious condition. All of the treatments that the doctors tried to cure her were in vain. Thyagarajan then began to realize how he had turned away from the living Lord. After a lot of struggle, and he confessed his sins. The congregation began to pray, and as a result the Lord Jesus worked a miracle of healing, and the girl got better day by day. This family still needs prayer. May the living God be glorified through this family, because He is the only true, prayer-answering God.

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