Darkness Overcome By Jesus’ Light

We first met Bibi* at one of our Purpose Haven campaigns. She was a beautiful woman, but desperation covered her face. She wore black from top to bottom, and tears never escaped her eyes.

After meeting with her, we realized that she had fled her country by herself because of ISIS. She wore black for her husband; who was kidnapped at war. He is still missing, and it’s assumed he is dead.

Since we hold many gatherings between ladies from local churches with the Iraqi Women, we serve at Purpose Haven, Bibi got a chance to see what church community looks like. She attended a couple of the gatherings and enjoyed hearing their testimonies on how the love of God changed the lives of the women. Later – around Christmas time, a few women from the ministry prayed with Bibi. She accepted Jesus and her life changed at that moment!

She started attending our Basic English course because she applied for a visa as an asylum seeker. She was quiet in the beginning, she didn’t participate, even though she was more advanced than the other students. After a couple of months, she finally participated, raising her hand and solved one of the questions on the whiteboard for the first time.

She successfully finished the course with a good grade; we were all incredibly proud of her.


JOAH March & April 2019- unsplash2Next, without hesitation, she joined our very first Professional Makeup course. A few classes into it, she gained many essential skills. We started seeing a great smile on her face while she would apply makeup on another person’s face. The programs helped bring out the best in her; it was as if the light inside her started shinning again.

Later, we had some guests at Purpose Haven while Bibi was attending one of the courses. They asked the group if they still have faith in Jesus Christ. Bibi raised her hand and said:

“We left Iraq because we love Jesus Christ, why would we ever stop having faith in Him?”

JOAH March & April 2019- unsplashHer determination to overcome the trauma she went through did not stop here. She also took our sewing course and happily shared her experience at Purpose Haven with everyone she met.

Now, Bibi wears all colors, and more importantly, wears a beautiful smile on her face. Better news, her application got approved, and she is now in Australia with her daughter, who recently bore a child. Today, Bibi shines and gives hope to everyone she meets. She shares her faith with others and prays with them, just like how the group of women at church prayed with her. Thank you, Bibi, for being a significant part of Purpose Haven family, you inspire us all!

*Name changed for security purposes.

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