A Cow Named Amazing Grace

My name is Tes Sokha. I am 45 and became a widow when my husband died from AIDS. Unfortunately, I received HIV from my husband about 18 years ago. I have no birth children, but I adopted a three-year-old girl when her parents died, also from AIDS. Things have been pretty difficult. At times, I even had to beg for food from my neighbors. Sometimes they would give to me and sometimes not.


I felt very resentful with life. I was not only trying to support myself but my old mother and my child as well. I lived in fear and prayed to all angels, protectors (Nak-tah), and other spiritual powers to help me. Even so, I continued to struggle.


In 2015 I received hope through Christian ministry workers who came to share with me about Jesus. They told me that Jesus has heard about my needs, and He is able to forgive my sins and help me. The teachers taught me how to pray and covered me in prayers. After I believed in the Lord, He gave me hope. He also healed me from various diseases through prayer.


The Lord blessed me with a female cow through a Cow Bank Program. I named my cow “Amazing Grace.” I am filled with overwhelming joy and am beginning to clearly see God’s love toward me. I give thanks to the Lord, for now, I have hope that my livelihood will improve with my sweet Amazing Grace.


Finally, I would like to really give thanks to the donors that made this possible. May you all, brothers and sisters, continue to pray for me. May I continue to have strong faith and trust in the Lord. Pray that the Lord will bless me with a piece of land so that I can build a home. Until now I am still living under someone else’s shelter with my daughter and my mother who is paralyzed. May the Lord bless you all, brothers and sisters.

Our prayer for this #GivingTuesday is to provide 15 cows for ministry workers and impoverished families. These cows will support the work of sharing the Gospel in the least reached places.

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