Cow Bank Benefits Widows

 cow bank benefits widow

In many cases the widow’s children go overseas for work, leaving their own children behind for their mother to take care of. Situations like this cause the widow to become heavily dependent on support from their children. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not receive any financial support for months at a time. Their needs vary depending on the number and ages of grandchildren they must care for. Regardless, these widows face hardships as they take on the role of two parents, trying to support their growing families.

The Cow Bank Project helps the neediest widows.

We provide training in how to care for the cows and how to handle finances. We do our best to share God’s compassion with them and share about God’s love for them. To sustain the project, we put certain requirements in place such as proper training, animal veterinarian care, and a committee to oversee the project. The committee is supported by the commune chief and the village chief as well as other community leaders, creating accountability.

The widows regain their dignity as they understand the business principles and learn how to care well for the cows. They are able to do more than just depend on their children. Widows are sustained in their livelihood, they become confident, and have the ability to support other widows in the community.cow bank 2

The people in the community celebrate this project because they see the benefits for the widows who are smiling once again. The widows now have hope; they know they have someone standing beside them during hard times. This practical project serves as a witness for the love of Christ as our Christian brothers and sisters show care and love to the neediest in their communities. We are so grateful for you who help fund our Cow Bank Project that helps these precious widows.

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