Our Response to COVID-19

Support ministry workers as they serve the most vulnerable during this global crisis.





[SPOKANE, WA, 3/18/2020 — As we face the global spread of the coronavirus over the next few months, I wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your families — that you would stay safe during this uncertain time and you would be encouraged to know that our Lord never leaves us nor forsakes us.


I also wanted to address a few questions about the impact the Coronavirus crisis is having on our shared mission to build the Church in the least reached places.


First, what precautions are we taking to stay safe?


Our leadership team has recently suspended all of our Partners International global training events through May 31st and postponed all related travel for both our Partners International staff and our Ministry Partners. 


We simply must be good stewards of both the ministry and the global community in which we serve.


Second, what is the impact on the ministry?


Many of the Ministry Partners are serving in extremely vulnerable locations, but the work of the ministry is fully continuing, despite the risk. 


The strength of our ministry model, in partnering with indigenous ministries, means that all of the local ministry workers live in these vulnerable areas. They all have a passion to shine the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of this pandemic, meeting physical and spiritual needs. 


Regardless of the situation or disaster, our Ministry Partners proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our hope, our healer, and our comforter will continue. 


These leaders and fellow Christ-followers have asked us to pray with them, that they might have the boldness and courage to love and care for those who are hurting, and to bring compassion and comfort to those who have lost or will lose loved ones. 


Third and most importantly, I wanted to address the question you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to further the Gospel and respond to this global crisis?”


In the midst of such uncertainty, the global Christian community has the opportunity to bring God’s wisdom, discernment, compassion, and most of all, peace – to our world.


I believe for the church worldwide, it could be one of our finest hours.Over the next several months, the opportunities you and I will have to be generous, to serve others, and to share the beauty of the Gospel will be significant.


Over the next several months, the opportunities you and I will have to be generous, to serve others, and to share the beauty of the Gospel will be significant. 


As I think about the unreached areas we are serving together and the significant persecution they regularly face, there are some truths they would certainly remind us of:

  • We belong to a family that helps and serves one another. We are not alone. 
  • Our Lord will never leave us, nor forsake us. And He promises to sustain us. 
  • God is and will always be faithful. We may not understand what is going on, but we have faith the He does.

I ask that you consider a special gift during this time of significant uncertainty as we continue to resource and encourage our Ministry Partners. All of which will continue to serve in the most vulnerable and least-reached places in the midst of this global crisis. 


Support ministry workers as they serve the most vulnerable during this global crisis.


May our prayers and support be felt from so far away.


5 Responses to “Our Response to COVID-19”

  1. Okuh Victor Enaholo

    First i give God all the glory for what’s going on around the world.I know the God who had called us will never sleep or slobber, will live us nor forsake us,he will continue to keep us safe in Christ,in Jesus name.for our lives is hidden in Christ, Corona virus & other related sickness and diseases has been destroyed over two thousand (2000) years ago, on the cross of cavalry.therefore if any man be in Christ, his a new creature: old things are passed away; behold; all things are become new.2 Cor 5:17.No sickness or diseases can trouble us, because our lives is hidden in Christ.From henceforth let no man” Corona virus and every other sickness and diseases” can not trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of our Lord Jesus.i want use this medium to thank all our leaders,families,friends, members and partners for your prayers and support. yours faithfully Okuh Victor Enaholo.

  2. Okuh Victor Enaholo

    In God we trust,we believe that by the grace of God we will continue to trust God in all ramifications.thank you.

  3. Pastor Stephine Opio Ongora

    Thanks very much for your concern and prayers for us in Uganda we have not yet registered any COVID – 19 case but our president has ordered temporary clousure of all public insitutions including churches for 30 days


    Thanks for this encouragement. GOD is GOD. We take this opportunity to be most engaged in the prayers ministry also to be very careful what GOD wants to teach us.

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