Couple Comes Back to Faith After Dangerous Accident

Our ministry works among the downtrodden of this country. In the past years we have helped many to secure access to a good education, as well as to grow in their spiritual lives.

Regi’s life story is very touching, and we are glad that she encountered Jesus. Regi was raised in a home where they followed Christ. She fell in love with a boy from another faith background and got married. Ever since she was married she had to make numerous changes in her life. She even had to visit the temple, which was a new experience for her. Her life became meaningless, as she lived a life to please others instead of God. Time passed by and Reji began to live life full of compromises.

One day she had to face another crisis in her marriage – her husband was in an accident and had to be on medical assessment for two months. Through Reji had tailoring skills, she was unable to use them to make any money. She spent most of her time looking after her husband while he recovered. During this time the team from Bible Faith Mission met with her and discovered that she was a well-trained tailor and counselled her in how to use her skills. Her husband also agreed to it.

Regi began to interact with the team from BFM, where she was able to build relationships with new friends – something she hadn’t done for some time. Gradually, she came back to her belief in Jesus. There was tremendous joy in her life. Regi shared this with her husband, and after listening to her talk with him about Jesus for many months, her husband began to come to the church fellowship.

Please pray for Regi and her husband, that both will stand as a witness to Christ. May the Lord touch Regi’s husband, that he will accept the salvation that is offered free in Jesus Christ.


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