Coronavirus Shipment Update

The Coronavirus shipment is on its way!

With help from our amazing donors, a shipment of medical supplies is on its way to a hospital treating victims of the Coronavirus.

Facing a growing shortage of medical supplies, hospital workers are in desperate need of protective gear to continue providing care to the victims of the virus.

The medical shipment includes:

  • 25,000 masks
  • 2,000 respirators
  • 2,000 exam gloves
  • 990 protective goggles
  • 360 protective suits

Join us in prayer that this shipment will communicate the boundless love of God to those suffering through this tragedy.

Learn more about how you can join us in reaching the least reached.

3 Responses to “Coronavirus Shipment Update”

  1. Agnes Moshoeshoe

    May God almighty bless you and protect you as you start shipping those equipments to help fight against that virus.

  2. Craig Biersdorff

    After listening to Carlos Calderon last night at our Perspectives class in Eugene, my understanding is that the shipment was to be sent to a local church in China to be distributed to the hospital. Therefore building legitimacy and witness for the local Christians. What precautions have you put in place so that the Chinese government doesn’t intercept this shipment and get credit? Please confirm and keep me updated on the response.
    I would like to know if you have considered the same for Iran? Not sure you have the contact base and if the churches there are willing to be visible enough to do this. I know from the news of the great need and the government’s recent rejection of US help.


    • Partners International

      Thank you for reaching out Craig. We appreciate your concern and we will be reaching out to you shortly via email to answer your questions and concerns.


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