Coronavirus Medical Shipment Delivered

Praise for Medical Shipment to China

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Medical Shipment

Praise the Lord that the medical supplies Partners International shipped from the United States have successfully reached the designated hospital in Zhejiang Province. We thank you who helped send these badly needed supplies. The shipment includes gloves, masks, protective clothing, and goggles. It is being used in the treatment of the COVID-19 outbreak in Zhejiang. 


The total number of infectious cases in Zhejiang Province is currently over 1,200. It is the fourth most infected region among China’s 34 provinces and one of the most heavily affected areas.


A large number of businessmen in Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces do business throughout the country and around the world. Many have returned to their hometowns from Italy and abroad in light of the outbreak. Fuzhou Changle Airport in Fujian is quarantining and observing those who have returned from abroad. There have also been cases of the virus being “retransmitted” from Italy back into China. Therefore, this shipment of medical supplies is not only being used for current medical needs but is also being used in preparation for a potential second wave of infections.  

Please Pray for the Following

1) Adequate supplies

Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in key outbreak areas are sufficiently present, but there is still a lack of masks for the general public. It is expected that the need for masks in public spaces will continue for at least another 2-3 months. 

2) Effective emergency response process 

Pray that the involved parties across various agencies learn from this eye-opening experience how to effectively respond to possible future situations, including how to prevent transmission during the initial stages of the outbreak, allocating resources, deploying medical personnel, etc.

3) Hope and peace 

Please pray for the entire nation as people slowly return to work and daily life. There is a constant fear of the unknown. Pray that the Gospel becomes their source of hope and peace during these times of uncertainty.

4) Faithful stewards

Please pray that the Lord will provide more faithful stewards. During the early stages of the outbreak, eight doctors sent out a warning regarding the virus and yet were admonished for starting rumors. Senior leaders in Hubei and Wuhan Provinces were eventually replaced. We need more than just high-level leaders to bear the consequences. We need people at every level to stand in the gap and be loyal to their duties. 

5) Truth 

During the epidemic, numerous rumors spread regarding the source of COVID-19 and basic hygiene practices. People are constantly anxious and in search of the truth on the Internet. May the Gospel be the answer to this disaster and guide people as they return to their daily duties once more.

6) Acceptance and love

Pray that those who are from Wuhan are not discriminated against, especially those who are in other parts of China and far from their family and loved ones.

7) Loneliness and mental health

Many people have been quarantined at home and cut off from the rest of society during this time. Due to excessive rest, lack of exercise, and a disruption to regular routines, psychological issues can surface. This epidemic has exposed that beneath the appearance of urbanization and prosperity in such a fast-paced society, there is actually an immense void in people’s lives. Please pray for people to hear the Gospel and find meaning and purpose in their lives through faith in Jesus Christ.

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    I thank Almighty God for his Infinity love and mercy towards us,I appreciate your all for your kindness towards reaching those in need all over the world, May God continue to strengthen you, keep you, protect you,and Bless you richly for the work of the kingdom in Jesus mighty name shalom.

    • Agnes Moshoeshoe

      Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
      Thanks for the update. God bless this group for this huge effort , may He protect those dealing directly with patients. May His healing pour down and heal the patients.


    I thank God for being God,and Appreciate you all for the work of Kingdom.


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