Considering the Word

I have known Brother Senen for a long time and have been building relationship with him. This month I made up my mind to share the Gospel with him and he wanted to believe in Jesus. In the following meeting, I shared about the eunuch’s baptism. Brother Senen said that he would consider baptism. But he said that if he received baptism, he automatically has to leave Islam and follow Jesus.

This isn’t an easy matter for him because he is afraid of being expelled by his wife’s Muslim family (Brother Senen lives with his wife’s extended family — local culture is that most married couples live with the wife’s family). His wife’s family are devout Muslims, and they consider Islam to be the truest religion in the world.

In spite of this, Brother Senen opened his mind to listen and was eager to learn, because he said Christianity is what will guide him to the afterlife. He needs more time to learn more about Christianity before he makes a decision, but I am grateful to God that he opened his mind to learn God’s Word through the Bible stories I shared.

Praise God, at the end of September we held our first home church service. Four new believers planned to attend, but they didn’t come because the distance from our home church to their places is far. We decided to hold home church meetings every two weeks so they can all attend. The building we use for worship is a simple building just off the main road and is safe for our meetings. We also use it frequently for team meetings. We are grateful that in the midst of difficulties, people are still enthusiastic to learn the Word of God.

Prayer Requests

  • That Brother Senen will have courage to make a decision to follow Jesus amid the difficulties and for his wife to also believe
  • For home church members to become more mature in their faith and be stong witnesses for Christ among their families and friends
  • That God will continue to work on the island and lead us to the souls that God is preparing for the harvest

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