Conference Changes New Believers’ Attitudes

Last week we had the privilege of hosting a conference for new believers called ¨Work is Worship.¨ Two amazing professionals gave their time to present two days of teaching to thirty of us from our local house church.

Here are a few stories from participants:

I work in a call center. Before this conference, I would sometimes hang up on annoying customers because I would lose my patience. However, after this teaching, I started to see how God could use the annoying customers to make me more loving and patient. My attitude changed. I got four special commendations from customers in one week – something that had never happened before.¨ – S

I am an accountant and our company is losing profits because of corruption. The company is in danger of collapse, but I was too scared that I might lose my job if I blew the whistle. The teaching about Ester and Daniel inspired me to take a stand and confront the twisted company culture. Pray for me to do what is right, so that all the people in the company will not lose their jobs.¨ -G


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