Community Development Reveals God’s Light and Love

Time to Evaluate

The end of 2017, the Alatoo team held a FORUM bringing together two representatives from each of the established Community Development committees of six villages. It was a good time to renew acquaintances and allow them to share experiences. They shared about knowledge they had gained, how their committee was working, and future plans. It was a very interesting and productive day for all of us. Old committees invited us again. Also, they would like to invite one another to exchange their experiences in their villages. We will be open to help them as needed.

As we reviewed the committees’ work, we saw all the work they had completed in their villages over the year. We worked with them to provide many trainings including Prevention of HIV, Human trafficking, Healthy relationships, and Non-violence at schools.

Also completed in four communities:

  1. “AB” – set the street lights; build a new medical orderly building and playground.
  2. “Z” – mats for playground, cover the roof of one old building, set the street lights, repaired the bridge, and opened one kindergarten class for preschool children.
  3. “O” – repaired roads in the village, solved the problem of clean water and they are going to build a new kindergarten.
  4. “S” – repaired the roads in the village, built or put the fence of Mosque, park and medical orderly, put clean water pipes in every house and set street lights.

We felt much prayer while we were providing the FORUM. Thank you for your ongoing prayer support.


Last training for 2017

Our last training of the year was a “cow project” in “O” village. Village leaders learned how to increase milk production and nutrition. They completed the charts of tasks and reviewed all materials using interactive methods with our trainer. After lunch, we talked about community development needs in their village.

The sustainable committee of “O” worked out two project proposals, one for a new kindergarten and another for clean water. They wrote a letter to the prime minister of our country about the need for clean water. In December representatives of the ministry visited the village to see their water problem and promised to help establish a new water pipe.

“O” committee shared with the Alatoo team: “We are so happy for beginning to solve our own problems ourselves and are thankful to God and your Organization. We never imagined how we lived before so passively without solving any problems for the good of our community.”

Praise the Lord for such positive response in these Muslim villages. Our prayer is to show His shalom, light and love to the Muslims in these villages to start changes in their lives with the help of the LORD.

Please Pray for Alatoo:

  1. Alatoo team’s family, health and work.
  2. For continued healing of the ministry leader’s husband and for their daughter’s health.
  3. Please pray for two new villages that will be open for implementing our projects this year from January.

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