Community Development

Health Education in One Village

Through this project, we hope to empower village leaders to start development in their communities through planning projects. During the next six months, we will add another three lessons for the leaders conference, which began in January and runs till June.

We have been holding monthly conferences for village leaders. We’ve trained village leaders in three villages to find ways to solve the problems in their communities. We are working this year on prevention of domestic violence, prevention of HIV/AIDS, Human trafficking and bride kidnapping.

We organized committees for each village. We also conducted problem analyses and implemented small projects in each village. We are happy to see leaders providing their own financial contribution and raising funds for implementation of projects from different sources (local and state government organizations). We are also monitoring and evaluating the projects implemented by three village committees in December.

The challenges we face are that not every leader takes an active part in the work of their committee. Also, a big village with a population of 2,300 is difficult to reach out and it takes a longer time to mobilize the leaders. It was difficult to pass on information to the leaders since they are not trainers nor teachers.

Leaders of Village A identified the need for a wool-cleaning machine. With gifts from Alatoo, the local government and the Regional Department of Health, Village A was able to purchase the machine. It will serve not only one but five to seven villages around the area. Leaders say that the Alatoo team taught and showed the ways to solve the problems of their community.

The committee of Village B village determined the need of a water pump. They bought a water pump with the help of a gifts from Alatoo, local government and residents.

The Village C committee identified the need for a new toilet since the old one was broken. They received a new one with the help of gifts from Alatoo, the village school and local government.

All three villages made their own plans and schedule to implement the projects.


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  1. Dan Carter

    We are so honored to be partnering with you all. May you be filled with all the hope and wisdom you need to continue building up leaders.


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