Community Churches Need Revival

Community Churches Need RevivalUntil now, most of the churches in our network have been using traditional ways of distributing audio recordings and speaking orally to share the Good News. However, the results have not been as good as we would like.

I have been reflecting that if Christians don’t start being real salt and light to those in the community who have real need, they are no different from non-believers. Churches are supposed to love and care for their neighbors, just as Jesus did. We have lost that attitude that the early church had, and we need to start over.

This year, we were invited to attend the ten-year anniversary celebration of a ministry. We witnessed how God is blessing the city through their community development concept.

While our main context is rural, we need to develop contextualized methods show love and care for our neighbors.

Please kindly pray for us:

  • Pray that God would change the hearts of all fourteen leaders of the fourteen districts, helping them to break through their traditional ideas about how to share the Good News. The change of each of the leaders will influence the whole church.
  • Even though there are difficulties to change, pray that God would lead us through from the very beginning. When we start to communicate with the community we need wisdom and courage, because the community does not welcome Christians as others do.
  • Pray that God would move those who have a burden to witness to their neighbors to act on that desire, and demonstrate to others how it should be done. Pray that God would raise up active and passionate Christians to live out His love among their neighbors, and let their experience be inspiring to others in the church.

God help us to be creative and sensitive to the needs in our communities.

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