Communities Growing in Joy

We thank God for your prayers and financial support. We want to share with you just a handful of the testimonies of what God has been doing through AIC-Sudan.

My name is Abram*. I am married and a father of two children. I used to be a smoker and an alcoholic and I made home life challenging and scary for my wife and children. Some young people came from Khartoum to share the Word of God. When they first came, I resented them and told people not to listen to them. Something changed the second day the young people were teaching. I don’t understand how it happened, but I was willing to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I did. Since that moment, I have a new-found peace in my heart. Now my wife and children are happy and feel safe at home.

Juba Bapt and Discipleship outreach Evangelistic outreach in November.

bible study in jubaA Home discipleship Bible study in Juba that is going well.

SSAI Juba Bapt and Discipleship martinJuba Bapt and Discipleship 11 2018 sarah   Juba Bapt and Discipleship martin1   Juba Bapt and Discipleship 11 2018


We had multiple baptisms this past fall. Many people are coming to believe in Christ. After outreach, evangelism, and follow up, discipleship training and Bible study took place which resulted in 11 people ready to be baptized. One of them was Sarrah* who accepted Christ as her personal Savior while attending a Home Bible Study. Praise the Lord, she is born again. Another example of one of the people who was baptized is Martin*. Martin was far from God. He came to one of our events drunk and that is where he accepted Christ as his Savior! He was baptized on November 25th2018. Praise the Lord!

*Names have been changed for security purposes.



open air preaching

 Youth are dancing during open-air preaching at Gumbo in Juba



open air preachingOpen air preaching at Gudele market in Juba. A preacher is holding a microphone and those who recently accepted Christ Jesus as their Savior are standing in front of them to be prayed for.

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