College students are at risk of HIV


May 2017 CHRM Update young students leaving office




China has a shame and honor culture. Sex is viewed as something private and shameful to talk about. Parents and schools never teach children about sex. Some schools are looking to make a change toward education on this topic, but it has been caught up in a large argument. However, young people grow up with curiosity. The lack of education and light on this topic has led to confusion and a rise in HIV cases.




Fang is in college. He has gone to get his blood tested before and the result was fine. However, he recently came to the ministry office. This time, He was found to be positive. Sadly, He is the second student tested positively in his college.


Fang was super scared. Anyone in the office could see his fear and hear it in his voice. The staff in the office patiently taught him about HIV/AIDS. There is too much fake knowledge and rumors on the internet causing people to form inaccurate assumptions. Fang was suggested to continue his college life, rather than to give it up because of his fear. The office also assisted him in applying for free government medical treatment.


Most HIV patients feel like they are rats and a virus in this society. We are thankful for the opportunity to help and minister to these individuals. Think about millions of young people walking on the streets. You never know who’s in danger of being infected by HIV. Instead of passively waiting in the office, Ribbon is taking more initiatives to talk to universities and to train their college student volunteers. We appreciate your prayers and support!


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