College Group

We have a college student group that meets at an apartment building. The downstairs neighbor is a sick woman. She always complains that our college believers make too much noise, which disturbs her a lot. She would come up and knock at our door. There was a time she called the police and criticized us for disturbing her peace. She’s too weak to stand any sound. Even if the students just have normal sound, she felt it’s too loud for her to bear.

At the beginning, we thought we had to stop the students’ meeting. But we prayed and then tried to do something. The leader of the college student meeting and some students visited the woman with small gifts and chatted with her several times. She had just had heart surgery, so she felt fragile physically and mentally. It’s amazing that after our visiting several times, her pain eased. She felt more relaxed. And we had a greater understanding of her needs. The students went together and bought a thick carpet for my floor. They resumed their meetings freely. When the downstairs woman feels it’s too loud sometimes, she just calls and tells us. Our relationship has improved.


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