Billions of people on the planet have never heard the Gospel. No Christian church or organization can reach all of those people alone. For the past 70 years, we have developed a model that involves joining together to reach the unreached.

We partner with indigenous ministries who know the culture, speak the language and have acess where we don’t. We connect churches like yours to these ministries so that the U.S. church can extend its reach.

We believe that through partnership, we can all do more to reach people with the love of Christ.

Will your church join us?

THE CHALLENGE: See maximized impact in the areas you are passionate about.

THE PROBLEM: The options of where to direct your missions dollars can be overwhelming, hazy and difficult to measure.

THE SOLUTION: Partnering. Partners International provides connection to thriving and effective ministries.

Your choice

We’ll provide an opportunity for you to engage in projects you are passionate about.

Potential Impact: Your church makes an impact in the cause your congregation is already invested in.


ten-bulletSPONSOR A TEAM
$2,000- $5,000 monthly

Partner with a specific team of church planters to help them plant churches in unreached areas of the world.

Potential Impact: Dozens of new churches planted each year in unreached areas.

black-bulletSPONSOR A LEADER
$1,000-$3,000 monthly

Create healthy and sustainable ministries by fueling a leader’s ministry.

Potential Impact:Dozens of new churches planted each year in unreached areas. New and expanded projects, more workers trained.

$35 per child per month

Help provide education and Gospel instruction to a needy child.

Potential Impact: Help change the course of a child’s life.