Church planting teams

Church Planting in Indonesia
Church planters at work.

NSM has seven teams. All teams live among the unreached people groups. All our staff are trained to handle problems that might come up in the field. We’ve held two such trainings for all our staff In the last six months.

The first half of 2016 our church planters and local believers shared the Gospel with 1,344 people. Out of that, 74 believed, 20 were baptized, and 16 new groups were formed. The believer groups are led by local believers. One challenge we face is the difficulty getting new believers together for discipleship.

The church planting teams have started to expand ministry to other areas. From seven to ten days, they would go out and find people who were open to hear the Good News. As people came to believe, they were then discipled and trained to reach their neighbors.

We are thankful to the Lord for the work being done here. Without Him, this work would not be possible. We greatly appreciate your support and prayers. Thank you!


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