Church Planters and the COVID-19 Pandemic

We thank our Lord who continues to open the way for our church planters to disciple members of the house churches and the new believers. In the areas where lockdown for the pandemic is being enforced, the teaching material for discipleship is mostly delivered by phone; however, the church planters still make direct visits to the house churches and believers to deliver food staples, protective masks, and disinfectants. 

In West Java, a church planter said that the members of his house church were learning the teachings from the Bible more quickly during this pandemic. After a few short meetings, a few people in the house church shared the Gospel with their family and friends. Those who came to faith in Christ as the result of their sharing have formed a new house church. 


Another church planter reported that one of the new believers who had not been attending the house church meetings for many months contacted him last week and said that he wanted to learn from the church planter again. The new believer admitted that he had made a big mistake in breaking off his relationship with the church planter and other believers. 

In the easternmost region of Indonesia, a young woman was baptized last week after hearing the gospel message from her mother. Her mother came to faith in Jesus last year and has since attended house church meetings. 

Meanwhile, on another island, a church planter learned that one of the believers in the house church has a gift to share stories from the Bible. Before this pandemic, this person had always been quiet during discipleship meetings and house church worship, but last week he began to use the gift to share the gospel with others.

The church planters continue to pay attention to the physical needs and health of the house church members. This pandemic has become a test of faith for many church members because of the difficulty to provide for their families. We believe this is the time for us to serve them holistically. We are grateful that amidst the difficult circumstances, last week 5 new believers were baptized.

Last week some church planters spent their time at home translating the materials for evangelistic outreach into a local language. And in the coming weeks, they will compile new discipleship teaching materials for the house churches from the Book of Acts.

Prayer Points:

  • Thank God who continues to pave the way for the church planters to do His works amid the pandemic situation. Thank Him for His protection for all church planters, house church members, believers, and their families.
  • Pray for the new believers who were baptized last week, that God will strengthen their faith and that they will grow in the knowledge of God.

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