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It is amazing to see the cooperative spirit in the churches and missions of Odisha particularly the four needy districts. Even though they want to work together, they haven’t had clear goals and visions. So our training is bringing the needed vision to them and also offering some tools to achieve the vision.

My wife Mano and I have visited and held trainings in the four southern districts of Odisha. At least once a year for the last 20 years. Odisha government was the first to introduce the anti-conversion law. Odisha Christians are the most persecuted.

This region is the least developed in the entire country. These districts have 4 million people, half of Chennai’s population. Three fourths of the population constitute the Dalits (Untouchables) and tribes. Mountain ranges make many villages inaccessible. People are pathetically exploited and denied basic government facilities. Electricity supply is rare. A child completes five years of schooling learning neither to write her name in Odiya nor to do any basic calculation.

A new day is dawning. Many segments of the society, especially several tribes, are open to the Good News. Most of the Christian ministries work in ‘stand-alone’ position. No concerted efforts have been taken so far to bring them together. This is where CGAI comes in! We are planning to bring several churches and mission agencies to work together to plant 10,000 churches in the next 10 years. This goal is achievable if we work together to accomplish it. CGAI has developed ‘best practices’ (good models) for planting churches and developing bi-vocational church leaders who would share the love of God to every village. There are 6,600 villages in these four districts.


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  1. Pastor Deepak Ranjan Hati

    Wonderful, may what you are doing God glorify. Which district are you doing training?

    • Partners International

      Thank you! For the safety of our ministry partners, we cannot share the names of the districts we are training in.

  2. Harish Patel

    Hi all at P I
    I came across your website while researching for Partners for church planting in India. I’ve been introduced by a Pastor friend from Gujarat (Navsari), to his former church colleague Ishnaan Bhag Babu from Odhisha – who’s a pastor and helps leaders of other cps in village around him. I’ve not met him, but corresponded by what’s app serval times, and been able to send aid for his church in CoVid crisis. He needs long term local partnerships that will help him & his CPs with training, resources and accountability structures to grow the mission of Jesus . As a long shot – would you be interested in hearing more about him. I’ve a short resume – but we can arrange a conference call – maybe include your leader/s from Odhisa and see if this COOPERATION can go further. I am a missionary with London City Mission – working with churches from S Asian backgrounds.

    Harish Patel


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