Church Planter Support yields Much Fruit

SSAI-work among Toposa tribe 2013 blurred


The church planters’ support has been of great importance. It benefits 16 church planters. The church planters’ work was disrupted last year because of insecurity in the country. Robberies and inter-community clashes also hindered access to those areas. Our visit to Wau was of great impact to the church and communities. I interacted with one lady who is a church planter there. At that time, three witch doctors gave their lives to Jesus Christ, and three prayer centers were established.

We have been able to minister to 15 children from the Toposa, Teus, and Dodo. They have graduated to have baptism in East County. These kids come from families who are deeply rooted in traditional beliefs. Their parents are nomadic ranchers, who move from place to place looking for grazing land and water for their animals. They are well-disciplined. They take baths and maintain good hygiene, cook, sing, and pray. Before we met these children in that community, girls were married off at the age of 10 years.

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  1. Jim

    Thank You, Father, for this precious fruit coming out of Africa! Mighty God, may each of the 15 children grow to maturity in Jesus! May each of their lives count for something beautiful in Your kingdom!

    Thank You too, Father, for the kingdom of darkness has suffered a tumultuous defeat, as these three witch doctors have chosen to walk in Your light! May they shine as a beacon before men, women and children, resulting in many following Jesus!


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