Church planter support


The support that we have been receiving from you through Partners International has enabled us to train our leaders and send out our 50 church planters to preach the Gospel, plant new churches, make disciples and encourage existing fellowships even in the remote areas of the country.

As a result, our church planters have sent out their teams into their communities to witness the Gospel to the people of various beliefs such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Animistic worship. They also were working as groups to strengthen the existing churches and to do some outreach to children and adults in remote places. In the past year, we have seen 1,454 give their lives to Christ, 12 new churches and 17 small groups planted. How we praise God for this!

My name is Se Norn. I am one of the church planter teams in Prey Veng province. The monthly support that I am receiving is helping to alleviate some of my family’s daily living needs. I have more time to focus on the work of the ministry. I can travel more often to preach the Gospel and plant more churches in my region. Also, it encourages me and my team that you are doing the work alongside us through your prayers and financial support. I just want to say, thank you for being a part of this great harvest of souls for God’s Kingdom!


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