Church Planter Support

CHTM 05. Tibetan habitation

We have 26 paid workers serving in eight fields. The farthest field is 1,200 miles away from the headquarters. There are 10 children under 7 years old. Every three months, they hold group training or a retreat.

Workers face two challenges: As each field is going deep to reach people, it demands more and more workload and skills of workers. Some of the workers feel tired and frustrated for not learning fast enough. Schooling for children becomes a problem now. Cheap school is influencing the children negatively. Expensive school costs too much money that they can’t afford. And obviously, it’s a common challenge to educate children to be godly in the Tibetan Buddhism and Muslim context.

Each field will establish a culturally relevant church of local ethnic minority people. Within three to five years, every field will have its own community development program to reach unreached people.

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